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Stylish balustrades and handrails in Sydney

Balustrades are a popular architectural feature used to add both security and style to properties. They have been used throughout history and even feature in balconies in Verona and Venice!

At Callan Wrought Iron & Steel Fabrication, we are renowned for creating innovative and elegant balustrades and handrails. We have the equipment and expertise to design, manufacture and install customised balustrades and handrails for you, too! 

About us

As a family owned and operated business based in Sydney, we take pride in offering world-class customer service and top-notch products to the market. We can create the perfect custom designs to your specifications and turn them into beautiful panels.

Our experienced installers can then fit the railings or balustrades to create safe yet beautiful barriers that add value to your property.

We can install in accordance with council regulations, and our staff have the training and expertise to deal with any difficult conditions such as uneven sites or retaining walls.

Safety and style

Balustrades and railings are installed to create safe barriers, but at Callan Wrought Iron & Steel Fabrication, we make safety stylish! When you are considering installing a new barrier system in your home, some questions you might consider include:

  • Is this safe?
  • Will this add value to my property?
  • Will it look stylish?
  • Is it durable?

At Callan Wrought Iron & Steel Fabrication, we are the experts in designing, manufacturing and installing balustrades and railings and with us, you can rest assured that the answer to all of those questions will always be “yes”.

If you are thinking of having security grills, balustrades or railings installed, give Callan Wrought Iron & Steel Fabrication a call. We are the experts in the trade and know how to combine safety with style!

Call Callan Wrought Iron & Steel Fabrication today on 02 9755 1939 for a free quote!

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